Motorola has introduced a revamped camera app: Everything you need to know

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Motorola has recently released a completely revamped version of its camera app. As the date for the Moto G6 lineup launch is approaching, the company has finally started to get back to the world of Android as we have not got much of a hit from Motorola as of late.

Though the camera app is primarily intended to be featured with the G6 lineup, this does not mean that you cannot get it on other Motorola devices. The latest camera app is being pushed to all the devices and you will certainly get an update pretty soon.

Coming to the changes, the first change you would notice with the new camera app is the redesigned app icon. The new app icon falls in-line with the current design language of the Android and looks more subtle.

Motorola new camera app details

Inside the app, you would find three sections at the bottom, with the primary one being the photo. A swipe to the left would open up the video mode and a swipe to the right would open up the mode selection screen.

At the top of the viewfinder, you would find the usual settings such as HDR mode, flash, timer, and Manual mode.

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The settings menu, unlike the one found earlier, is not 100% opaque giving it a fresh new look. If your phone features a dual camera setup, the app will have a button at the top to switch between the two.

The new Moto camera app is going to be rolled out within the next few days. You can check your device updates in order to get them.

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