Android P: the best features you need to know

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Google has released the first developer preview of its upcoming iteration of Android, the Android P. While it is still an incremental update over the Android Oreo, there are still some features which make it all the way relevant.

Strangely, still, the percentage of Android devices running the current Android Oreo is pretty less (1.1%) and we have already started getting the taste of Android P or whatever Google ends up calling it. Eventually, some of the features available in the developer preview will be chopped off and some more will be added to the final build.

Nevertheless, the following are the ones you should be aware of:

Android P: the best features you need to know

#1: The notch

Android P notch support
The Android P will have native support for the notch at the top of the display

You like it or you hate it, the notch is here to stay. Apple introduced the notched display with the iPhone X and the world of Android wasted no time to adopt it. Take the Asus Zenfone 5 lineup for an example.

With Android P, Google has extended an official support to the notched design (the camera and the sensor cut-outs) meaning that the display cut-out APIs will allow the developers to find out the areas which are non-functional so that the content of the screen does not get cut and the apps and the games run smoothly.

#2: Indoor navigation

android p indoor navigation

For those who rely heavily on Google Maps, Android P is going to bring a radical change in your navigational experience. Until this time, it becomes very difficult to make use of the Google Maps whenever someone is inside a building, say a mall or an office. Android P adds native support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol also known as Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time) that would allow for indoor navigation.

#3: Added security

Security features are something which always comes with any new Android iteration. With Android P, Google has introduced a much secure user experience for everyone. Android P now blocks apps from recording you secretly and offers more encryption for backups. This is something worth noticing in the upcoming Android version.

The UI prohibits the apps’ access to the mic, camera, and sensors when an app goes idle, thereby preventing any malicious or buggy app from recording your data.

#4: Use your Android device as a Bluetooth input device

With Android P, you can use your Android device as a Bluetooth input device for your desktop. The feature is now present natively in the Android and it can turn out to be a pretty useful one if you are someone who has to deliver a lot of presentations at work or if you just want to use your desktop with the help of your smartphone for some apparent reason.r

We have already talked about this feature. You can find it out here.

#5: A revamped design

Android P battery saver feature

Ever since the Android Lollipop was introduced back in 2014, the native battery-saver has been an integral part of the stock Android UI. It comes in quite handy whenever an Android device is running out of juice.

There is, however, one problem with the feature-the ugly looking orange bars present at the top and the bottom of the screen whenever the battery saver gets turned on.

Though not a big thing to concern ourselves with, it is still something which a lot of Android users have criticized over that past couple of years. Finally, Google seems to have heard their voices and this annoying feature is finally getting a fix with the upcoming Android P. You can expand the notification icon to know as to what all the battery saver does. You can even press the notification to go into the battery saver settings and tweak them according to your requirements. You can know more about the feature here.

The icons in the settings menu have also been revamped and they look all the way more refined now.

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Ankur Shrivastava

I wish they name it Android Potato 😂

Ankur Shrivastava
Ankur Shrivastava

I wish they name it Android Potato 😂