Android P gets rid of the orange color when you turn on your battery saver

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Ever since the Android Lollipop was introduced back in 2014, the native battery-saver has been an integral part of the stock Android UI. It comes in quite handy whenever an Android device is running out of juice.

There is, however, one problem with the feature-the ugly looking orange bars present at the top and the bottom of the screen whenever the battery saver gets turned on.

Though not a big thing to concern ourselves with, it is still something which a lot of Android users have criticized over that past couple of years.

Finally, Google seems to have heard their voices and this annoying feature is finally getting a fix with the upcoming Android P.

Android P battery saver orange color goneYou can expand the notification icon to know as to what all the battery saver does.

You can even press the notification to go into the battery saver settings and tweak them according to your requirements.

Just like the Android Oreo, there is a “+” icon within the battery bar which is visible whenever the battery saver feature is activated.

In terms of the work and functionality, there is not much of a difference here. The feature effectively disables intensive battery-hogging apps, device vibrations, location services, and all the other background stray data processes.

This is a nice feature and comes in quite handy whenever you are on the go and do not have a charging slot to juice up your device.

Luckily, with the Android P, the only problem with the feature is going away for good now.

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