Vivo Apex review: Is this the future of fingerprint scanning?

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The war of bezel-less smartphones seems to be a never-ending feat. Smartphone manufacturers are doing their level best to ensure as minimum a bezel in their smartphones as possible. The Vivo Apex concept smartphone is certainly a weapon no company has been able to pull off so far.

In order to make space for more screen estate at the front, more and more companies are opting to place the fingerprint scanner at the back of the devices. Vivo, on the other hand, decided to take things one step further.

The company has introduced an on-display fingerprint scanner with the Vivo Apex smartphone. There is a portion of the screen which you can make use of to unlock your device.

The idea of an embedded fingerprint scanner is nothing new and there have been concept devices in the past which have made use of this. The difference this time is the fact that there is an entire chunk of the screen which can be used here which is all the way more convenient and ergonomic as well.

Coming out of the fingerprint scanner feature, the Vivo Apex looks stunning. The top and the bottom bezels are almost non-existent. While the top bezel measures 1.8mm, the bottom one is a bit thick, measuring to 4.3mm.

This calls for an amazing screen-to-body ratio. Vivo claims that if the bottom bezel were also matching with the rest of the bezels, the ratio would have been around 98% which is pretty astonishing.

Again, because of the screen, the hardware had to relocate. The proximity sensor has been hidden under the glass and the ambient light sensor has been moved to the top of the device. The front camera, too, had to move somewhere else.

This is where things really start getting interesting. If you want to use the front camera in the Vivo Apex, you would get an 8MP front camera popping out of the top (it takes 0.8 seconds to pop out and get activated).

Vivo Apex smartphone
image source: engadget

Another big issue with such a screen is that there is no space for a speaker. As a matter of fact, the screen of the device itself vibrates to produce sound using the company’s Screen SoundCasting Technology.

The company decided to keep the headphone jack as well, thanks, Vivo.


The Vivo Apex is an amazing device. It is a revolution in itself. That being said, the on-screen fingerprint scanner is not something which is absolutely required. I mean, I personally do not see any issues whatsoever with a rear-mounted capacitive scanner.

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