How to enable bottom search bar in Google Chrome for Android?

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Google Chrome has always had a love-hate relationship with the Android lovers. No matter what we say, Chrome is, and will always be, one of the best Android browsers available on the Google Play Store.

The problem with modern day smartphones and smartphone browsing arises from the fact that their screen size always keeps on getting increased. With the advent of 18:9 displays, this so-called bug has become all the way more prominent.

If you have an Android device with a lot of screen estate, more than often, you must have had the difficulty to reach to the bottom of your screen to access the Google Chrome search bar.

What if there were a way to drag the Chrome search bar all the way to the bottom? Won’t that be worth trying?

In this post, we’d guide you with a way to do just that.

How to enable bottom search bar in Google Chrome for Android?

Before starting this tutorial, you need to have a knowledge of Chrome Flags. In case you do not know as to what Chrome Flags are, you can know everything about them from here.

Now, in order to pull the search bar to the down, you need to do the following:

1: Open Google Chrome and type Chrome://flags

best chrome flags for google chrome mobile

After opening the app, type Chrome://flags in the search bar. The page would give you a warning like these settings are highly experimental settings and fiddling with them might harm your browserIgnore it as this one is safe.

There would be a secondary search bar on the page. Type Chrome Home there.

2. Disable Chrome Home and relaunch the Chrome browser

chrome flags for google chrome mobile

Tap on the drop-down menu and disable Chrome Home. Once you do that, you would be prompted to relaunch the browser.

3. Relaunch and Voila!

After relaunching the browser, you would see the search bar at the bottom.

Google Chrome get the bookmarks at the bottom

4. Additional Perks

Enabling the search bar not only proves productive and easier to operate, it also opens up some gestures which were originally not present in the Chrome Browser. For instance, you can swipe up from the search bar to access your bookmarks. This gesture can prove to be quite handy and you are certainly going to love this feature.

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Simple ain’t it? Following this simple trick, you can tweak the Google Chrome search bar and make it more accessible.

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