Samsung Max is the new VPN alternative for Opera Max

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Samsung has recently reintroduced the Samsung Max which is probably the best alternative to the Opera Max which used to be one of the most popular VPNs available for Android.

Opera Max was introduced a few years ago and was essentially the best VPN solution available for the users. It was designed to help you save as much data as possible while browsing the internet on your smartphones.

The service, sadly, was discontinued by Opera last August and now Samsung is trying to reincarnate the magic with the Samsung Max.

How to use the Samsung Max and what does it actually do?

First up, the Samsung Max is a Samsung-exclusive luxury, therefore you need to have a Samsung device in case you want to make use of it.

Similar to the Opera Max, the Samsung Max will essentially help the users cut back on their monthly data usage in addition to providing a secure internet browsing.

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There are two primary modes in here – a Data Saving Mode and a Privacy Protection Mode.

how does the Samsung Max save data
The Samsung Max is an amazing tool to save data and ensure a secure browsing experience

As apparent by the name, the Data Saving Mode will ensure a minimum data usage which would drastically reduce your monthly data bill. The app will notify you of the apps which are draining the data and you can, hence, ensure that the data is not wasted. On top of that, it will compress images, videos, and music files and ensure a lighter and a smoother web browsing.

On the other hand, the Privacy Protection Mode will provide you with a one-tap solution for encryption, tracker blocking, and a DNS mask when using public/unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

The service is being launched as part of Samsung’s “Make for India” program and will come preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy A and the Samsung Galaxy J not only in India but in the likes of countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If you want to install Samsung Max in any of your Samsung devices, you can get it from the Google Play Store or from the Samsung’s Galaxy App.

The link to download the apk is given down below:

Get it from Google Play

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