Latest Google Chrome ad-blocker: This is how this ad blocker works

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April 2017, Google surprised the whole world by announcing that it was working on a built-in ad-blocker for its in-house Google Chrome browser.

Right before the end of the year, we got to know that the Chrome ad blocker feature will begin rolling out in the month of February 2018. Now, starting from February the 15th, the feature is all set and ready to be downloaded.

If you do not get it as to how this was surprising to many,¬†One-Third of Google’s revenue comes from ads.

It was, hence, shocking to see that the company whose income relies heavily on ads was going to integrate an ad blocker in its own browser. The news was not taken so well among the other ad serving agencies and many accused Google to be demonstrating its monopoly in the online marketing.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we love ads (one has to earn as well eh?), ads have never been a pleasing sight for the viewers, at least not the ones which open a pile of tabs without even you knowing about them. This is finally going to stop, thanks to the new Chrome ad blocker feature.

Chrome Ad-Blocker: Bad Ads Be Gone, For Good

The¬†Chrome’s ad-blocker will filter and hide any advertisements it detects on websites that don’t follow the Better Ads Standard.

We’ve already seen more and more people express their discontent with annoying ads by installing ad blockers, but blocking all ads can hurt sites or advertisers who aren’t doing anything disruptive. By focusing on filtering out disruptive ad experiences, we can help keep the entire ecosystem of the web healthy, and give people a significantly better user experience than they have today.

As of now, there are 12 different kinds of ads which do not follow the standard, including the ever-annoying popup and pop-under ads, auto-play videos, full-screen ads that follow the content as someone scrolls down, and a lot of such annoying ads.

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The ad-blocker is going to be available for both desktop and Android devices. If you are using the Google Chrome on a desktop, you will be alerted to the blocked ads near the address bar as you are whenever there is a blocked pop-up.

If, however, you are using the browser on an Android device, you would see a notification at the bottom of your device screen which would even give you an option to permit the blocked ads just in case you want to see them.

This feature simply eliminates the need for downloading any chrome ad-blocker extension on the Google Chrome which is a good sign. Also, this new feature is sure to increase the number of Android users using Google Chrome as a lot of them used to opt for other Android browsers only because of the fact that they offered an ad-blocker way before Google did.

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