Google has removed the View Image button from its search results: Here’s what you can do.

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  • Ever since the Search Engine Giant has decided to let go of the View Image button in its image search results, there has been a wave of disappointment among the internet users.
  • Fortunately, developers have been quick enough to have come up with extensions that will re-enable the feature.
  • You can download the extensions from here.


Yesterday, Google caused a serious shock to a lot of internet users when it deprived them of the ability to view the images in the image results section of the search engine. All of a sudden, the View Image button vanished from the internet and everyone was left awestruck.

google view image option not there
The view image button is no more there.

Luckily, the developers seem to have taken a pretty swift action to fix this problem and there have already been some extensions which are introduced both for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which would enable this feature again.

In a recent deal with Getty Images, which happens to be one of the largest companies in the world dealing with stock images, Google had to let go of the view image feature as part of the deal.

The fact that users would now have to take some extra steps in order to save the images is kind of frustrating and Google should have kept that in mind before taking this step. If you do not want to download the extensions, you can still download the images from Google by following these steps:

  1. Search for the image
  2. Click on the visit button
  3. Find the appropriate resolution of the image from within the page
  4. Save it to your device

Though the extensions are already available, it is highly unlikely that they will stay. Especially the ones available for the Google Chrome are the most likely to be deleted first by Google. Nevertheless, they are available as of now and you can make use of them until the time they last.

What are your thoughts on the removal of the View Image button? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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