Nova Launcher 5.5: Brings in adaptive icons, Google Search Bar in the Dock, and a lot more

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Nova Launcher has always been one of the most liked Android Launchers. It has almost everything a power user requires and then some.

The latest update of the Nova Launcher (V5.5) brings in a lot of additional features such as adaptive icons, a Google Search Bar present natively in the Dock of the device, and a lot more.

Earlier available just in Beta, the Nova Launcher Version 5.5 is now available for everyone on the Google Play Store. If you are already using the launcher, you might want to get it updated to avail the latest features.

The first new feature is the introduction of adaptive icons, a feat only the devices running on Android Oreo have achieved so far. After the update, you can go to Settings and change your icon shapes to round, squared circle, rounded square, square, and teardrop. As of now, there is a limited number of Android apps and games which support this feature and you can only reconfigure those icons which support this feature.

Nova Launcher 5.5 latest update

The second big feature is the ability to put a Google Search Bar in the Dock (refer the image in the article) which is, again, a native Android Oreo feature. Unlike the Google Pixel 2, you can either put the bar above or below the dock apps which is rather interesting as it gives us more of a choice.

The third big feature is the fact that Nova Launcher now features Android 8.1’s pop-up menu. In order to enable it, you can go to Look and Feel within Settings and swipe the menu option to yes.

Nova Launcher 5.5 latest update

If you have not tried Nova Launcher so far, it’s time that you give it a try. If you already have, you can update it to get all the recent features. 

Download it for free from here

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