top 5 Android Action games of October

Android Games Weekly: Top 5 Weekly Android Action Games

Welcome to Android games weekly. We are here with all new Android games of this week under action category.

The best action games are now available for your Android device that takes you to the best action experience.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s dig right into the list.

Android games weekly: Top 5 Weekly Android Action Games October #2

Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformertop 5 Android Action games

Price: Free with in-app purchases                                    Get it from the Play Store

FIST OF RAGE is one of the best action game of this week in Android Platform. A retired MMA fighter, running away from his past, fights for society, especially young children with cancer – caused by an evil Corporation’s dangerous and on purpose toxic waste.

🥊 Fight, 🔫 Shoot, and 🤜 Punch through enemies with your martial arts skills, weapons, and dashing bald head. Take on enemies such as Drone, Punks, and the evil Corporation. Fight unique Bosses and beat them all with your 👊 Fist of Rage 💢!. It’s the best action game you have ever experienced.

As of now, Fist Of Rage is available for free (early access), but that might soon be changed when the game is made available to everyone.

You can definitely go for Fist Of Rage. In order to download the game, you can hit the Play Store or download it directly from the button above.

top 5 Android Action games:Shadow fight 2Shadow Fight 2 (Action)

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the most played Android Games of 2017. With its latest update of October, the game now have reached to top 5 action games category. The new update contains the set of large number of darkness in store, the new skill moves are provided which creates the best action experience for users and game has been optimized in different area.

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Middle Earth: The action war gameMiddle-earth: Shadow of War (Action)

Price: Free with in-app purchases                                              Get it from the Play Store

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the battle combat game which consists of real-time battles, thereby enhancing the gamers to turn their army (The Orc army) against your enemy.The game is enhanced with great graphics and

The game is enhanced with great graphics and gameplay allows the user to collect, equip & upgrade the iconic characters from the shadow of war and the lord of the rings such as Talion, Celebrimbor, Gimli, and Galadriel.

You can battle your way across hostile regions of Mordor and Direct your team’s combat tactics in real time and launch powerup and special attack toward your enemy when you feel it necessary.

The game offers amazing combat skills tracks and you are sure to be enjoying this.    Watch the game play video below.

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Kingsman : The secret service action gameKingsman: The Secret Service (Action)

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

You might be familiar with the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. The movie was quite entertaining and consists of lots of action inside it with crime investigation and use of various gadgets.

Finally, the game related to this movie is available in play store for android users. The game is full of action and you can build and defend your Kingsman base while infiltrating the world’s most dangerous crime syndicates with your arsenal of stylish weapons and gadgets.

The game is available for free on the Android play store and provides best action experience. You can watch the game play video below.

top 5 Android Action games

Once Upon a Tower

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get it from the Play Store
Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like you were trapped in a high tower? Ever found yourself waiting for the valiant knight to save you? Wait no more! Cause he isn’t coming — No, really, he isn’t. He was literally eaten by that guardian dragon over there. But fear no more, you have all you need to set yourself free. The brave knight left behind his war hammer, I’m sure you can put it to good use, right? You can beat the enemies. You can escape the dragon. YOU CAN DO THIS! Now let the adventure begin, once upon a tower.

Once Upon a Tower is a cute little game with beautiful graphics and an amazing storyline. A princess is trapped in a tower and she has to find the escape route herself, for there is no prince charming coming to her rescue.

These were the top 5 android games listed with their ratings and gameplay videos.      Don’t forget to hit the bell icon and please do write in the comments section.

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