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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has teased 3 new teaser videos just on the verge of the Samsung...

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 just over a week away (February 25, MWC 2018), Samsung's efforts to hype up the device...
google view image not there anymore

Google has removed the View Image button from its search results: Here’s what you...

Ever since the Search Engine Giant has decided to let go of the View Image button in its image search results, there has been a...
google chrome ad blocker download free me

Latest Google Chrome ad-blocker: This is how this ad blocker works

April 2017, Google surprised the whole world by announcing that it was working on a built-in ad-blocker for its in-house Google Chrome browser. Right before...
google phone cover

Google Phone v17 introduces an all-new chat heads feature during phone calls

The latest update of the Google Phone brings a not-so-new feature which was actually missing in Android for a very long time. The V17 update of the...

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